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Best keyboard under 500


Keyboards are input devices for computers and many other allied devices. In the beginning, keyboards were purposefully used only for typing. However, they are currently used for gaming, audio and video editing, and several other professional projects. So without wasting time lets start the list of best keyboard under 500.

10. TVS Electronic Champ Heavy Duty Membrane Wired

The TVS Electronic Champ Heavy Duty Membrane Wired Keyboard with a rugged body is one of the well-built wired keyboards.

To mention a few features, it has dedicated function-enabled multimedia switches and laser itched keys. It is ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency. It’s slim and lightweight. 

Additional features for easier handling include LED indicators for cap lock, num lock, and scroll lock. The sounds of keystrokes are not an issue as the keys are very soft and produce pleasant sounds. A total of 104 keys are there. Hinges heighten the keyboard for better comfort while typing with a perfect palm rest. As in any other keyboard, it has a rupee symbol for advanced account-based typing. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

It’s highly user friendly and compatible with PCs, laptops, Android TVs, and Android phones. It’s simply a plug-and-type keyboard without complications. 10 million keystrokes per second, as per the claim of the manufacturer, is a real benefit for the buyers.

Except for a few issues like the jamming of keys and self-typing over a prolonged use, overall this keyboard is a good choice for anyone to buy. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • 12 Multimedia keys
  • UV coated keys
  • Adjustable Height
  • Standard size keyboard

9. Amkette Xcite Pro Wired Keyboard

The Amkette Xcite Pro Wired Keyboard is yet another one of the finest membrane keyboard under 500. It is rolled out with a sleek, robust build that is blended with a compact design.

This keyboard has the enhanced feature of UV-coated keys, which is in heavy demand as the keys have fading-proof prints. Hinges can make the keyboard adjust its height easily. 

It has a total of 104 keys along with dedicated multimedia keys and hot keys, which are soft and flawless feeling on the fingertips while typing for a prolonged period of time. Over and above, 3 LED indicators are also provided for the caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock. 10 million clicks of keystrokes per day is what the company claims. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

With a 1 year brand warranty, this Amkette Xcite Pro Wired Keyboard’s compatibility with a host of devices like Macs, Laptops, PCs, etc is really a value for money in the range of 500 rupees. The 1.8 metre long braided USB cable is an additional feature which is highly beneficial for users. It weighs 458 gm, which is considered lightweight.

When physically tested, on the contrary to what the company claims, it was found to be non-spill-resistant; hence, one must avoid liquid materials to be spilled over it.

Except for this drawback, in this range of 500 rupees, one can buy it without any doubt since it has all the good features. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • 1.5m long cable
  • 10 million key-presses
  • Adjustable Height
  • Full sized keyboard

8. Lapcare LAP-63 Wired Mini Keyboard

The Lapcare LAP-63 Wired Mini Lightweight Keyboard is a wired mini membrane keyboard. It is quite affordable as it is within the range of 500 rupees. 

It has multimedia function keys.3 LED indicators are present for the cap lock, num lock, and scroll lock. The keyboard is UV coated to prevent untimely fading and wear off.

The USB cable, which is a little over 1.8 meters, is not braided and looks a little below average quality. Retractable stands can bring the keyboard to a higher position.

Apart from presenting a short key process, it is ideal for prolonged typing because the keys are soft enough and have a sense of tactility when touched with finger tips. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

Sound of keystrokes is quite enough. It is compatible with Window 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Window7, Window8, Window10 and Mac/Linux. 1 year company warranty is also there.

It is truly a cute looking mini keyboard which is reasonably very good for this price range of 500 rupees. It is also quite affordable and pocket friendly without compromising its quality. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • long cable
  • Integrated multimedia key
  • Adjustable Height
  • Full sized keyboard

7. Rapoo NK1800 (Best keyboard under 500 in spill resistance)

This Rapoo NK1800 Spill Resistance Wired USB Keyboard has sufficiently spaced keys on the keyboard that make the user much more comfortable for typing. Its low-level keys not only enhance the accuracy in typing but also help with fast typing. Its low sound and better key response are its added features.

This keyboard has laser printed characters on carved keycaps. One special feature which is worth mentioning is the spill resistance. This means that, at times, one doesn’t have to bother even if a few drops of liquid are accidentally spilled over it. The sealed anti-oxidizing membrane makes this keyboard much more durable and unique. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

With the help of its retractable stands, users can adjust the keyboard height. It is compatible with almost all USB-connectable devices. 3 LED lights are present to indicate cap lock, scroll lock, and num lock.

It does not require the installation of any software or multiple cord attachments; rather, one can simply plug in its USB port to any of the compatible devices and the keyboard is ready for continuous and prolonged typing. It comes with a 3-year company warranty.

Overall, this Rapoo NK1800 Spill Resistance Wired USB Keyboard is one of the best keyboard under 500 with loaded features. For those who wish to buy a keyboard within the 500 rupees range, they can go for this one without any second thought.  [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • long cable
  • Spill Resistance
  • Anti-oxidation sealed membrane
  • Laser carved keycap
  • Adjustable Height
  • Full sized keyboard

6. Artis K10 Wired USB Keyboard

The Artis K10 Wired USB Keyboard is a wired and compact-sized keyboard. It is a basic, entry level keyboard. It is designed for everyday office and home use. It is lightweight, weighing less than 400 grams.

The full layout of the keys on the keyboard and desk-centric design allow the users to experience efficient and comfortable typing. Users feel much more comfortable while typing on it for a prolonged period of time because of its ergonomic design. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

This, the Artis K10 Wired USB Keyboard, can be comfortably used even for high speed gaming.

Its laser-printed characters are not only prominent to look at but also fade-proof. The keys are matte-finished, so characters are rather distinct. Three LED lights are provided for cap lock, num lock, and scroll lock. The sound produced while typing is not too loud. Retractable stands allow the keyboard to adjust its height.

Its soft keys lay on the high quality internal key membrane. There is also a rupee symbol for a better typing experience specially for the accounts related typing. Its USB cable which is 1.5 metre long cable can be connected to almost all the USB connectable devices. Artis provides 1 Year warranty as per the company’s warranty & replacement policy.  [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • long cable
  • Rupee Symbol Key
  • Adjustable Height
  • Full sized keyboard

5. Prodot KB-207s (Best value for price)

The Prodot KB-207s Wired USB Standard Keyboard (Black) is for those who are desperate to buy a basic and highly durable keyboard. It is made of ABS plastic for durability and strength, so there is no compromise in terms of its ability to withstand harsh and rough handling.Its compact and sleek design makes this keyboard much more attractive.

Although it does not have multimedia and function keys, with 104 standard soft and responsive keys, it provides an exceedingly comfortable and effortless typing experience. For better accessibility, large entry and space bar keys are provided. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

Retractable stands allow for the adjustment of keyboard heights. The 1.5 metre length of USB copper cable provides trouble-free connections with almost all the USB connectable devices. It is simply a plug and play keyboard, which needs no driver installation. It comes with a 1-year company manufacturing warranty.

One of the special features of this pocket-friendly keyboard is the light that is lit underneath the keys, which is known as the “Backlit Feature.” It allows the user to carry on with the typing work even in a low-light environment. The translucent print on the keys allows the underneath light to glow. Superior key response and quiet sound while typing give a satisfying experience to the users.

Considering the price range of 500 rupees, this Prodot KB-207s Wired USB Standard Keyboard (Black) is truly a great value for money. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • 1.5m long cable
  • 10 million key-presses
  • Adjustable Height
  • Standard of 104 keys

4. Zebronics Zeb-Glide USB (Best stylist keyboard under 500)

Amongst the range of the best keyboards under 500, this Zebronics Zeb-Glide USB Wired Multimedia Keyboard is one of the best looking keyboards that you can get for 500 rupees.

Without much noise and a smooth typing experience, it provides 100 regular laser printed key caps, which are fadeless, apart from 12 multimedia keys for better and flawless typing and also a rupee symbol for those who love accounting on computers. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

One special feature is that of its gold-gilded USB connector, which provides a much better longevity. The USB cable is long enough for the keyboard-to-CPU connection. In simple language, it’s a plug and play keyboard. Tilt hinges are provided for height adjustments.

This keyboard works with PCs, Laptops, and Macs that have USB ports.It is quite an affordable keyboard without compromising its built quality, look and design, features, compatibility, user-friendliness, longevity, etc.

One can simply go for this pocket-friendly keyboard with full confidence. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • Standard 100 Keys
  • Adjustable Height
  • 12 Multimedia Key and
  • Rupee Symbol Key

3.HP K300 (Best gaming keyboard under 500)

The HP K300 Gaming Keyboard is a full-sized membrane wired keyboard. It is provided with a multicoloured backlight (RGB). Characters on the keys are lighted automatically in the dimly lit environments. Brightness can be adjusted in the preferred manner.

It has an elegant appearance and excellent functionality. It also has four LED indicators for better control of the keyboard. All together, there are 104 keys, which is considered the standard number of keys on a gaming keyboard.

An anti-ghosting feature is available on this keyboard so as to be able to press any number of keys at a time while playing games at high speed. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

A Windows lock key is also provided to avoid disturbances during gaming. It is loaded with matte-finished, two-coloured, and double injected suspension key caps, which are undoubtedly special features preferred by most gamers.

It is compatible with the majority of operating systems, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 10, and MAC.

The height of the keyboard can be adjusted with its retractable stands. It comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty (4QM95AA) on the device from the date of purchase.

The unimpeded, high-low layout of keys, which is meant to attribute to perfect adaptation to the tapping of fingertips in a curved motion, is not only an excellent feature but also a must for the gamer’s keyboard.

Extraordinarily superb cable quality with a length of 1.8 metres is a real convenience for the users. The sound of keystrokes is like any other average membrane keyboard; hence, it is not at all an issue.

As a result of this, 50 grammes of pressure is required to press the keys, and as a result of this, it can be considered an exceedingly good keyboard for gamers, but for general typing purposes, it could be of a little hindrance as the keys are not really designed for typing.

Overall, the HP K300 is the best gaming keyboard under 500 rupees. The only negative point about this keyboard is its being kept out of stock and its price fluctuation. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • Double Injection Keycaps
  • 19 keys Anti Ghosting
  • Triggering force: 60g
  • 104 Keys US Layout
  • 9 large waterproof holes
  • RGB Backlight Effects

2. Zebronics Zeb-DLK01

The Zebronics Zeb-DLK01 is one of the slimmest membrane keyboards in the 500 rupee price range.

It is a multimedia keyboard with 104 UV-coated keys, including 12 multimedia keys, which are also highly smooth keys. It is also provided with a rupee symbol key for easier account-related typing.

The height of this keyboard can be adjusted easily with the retractable stands. The USB cable is 1.8 metres in length, which is a very convenient one for users. . [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

The keys are super soft and provide a flawless and smooth typing experience. It can be easily connected to almost all the USB connectable devices like PCs, laptops, etc., so it is undoubtedly a budget keyboard. Overall, the Zebronics Zeb-DLK01 is definitely one of the best keyboards under 500 with all the features that a keyboard should have. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard
  • Including 12 Function
  • 104 UV Coated Keys
  • Adjustable Height
  • 3 Hotkeys
  • Rupee Key
  • 1.8 meter cable

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1. HP 100 Wired Keyboard (Best keyboard under 500)

The HP 100 Keyboard is an excellent keyboard in terms of its shape and contours; hence, it positions itself comfortably for easy and effortless typing. There is not any kind of pressure or pain on the wrist and fingers.

Made with superior quality plastic, its build quality is truly sturdy with an attractive, eye-catching design. The USB cable is reasonably good, with a length of 1.5 meters. It weighs 490 g. Its retractable stands allow height adjustments for a better and more flawless typing experience. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

Keys are marked with fade-resistant letters, numerals, symbols, etc. including a rupee symbol as one of the additional features. Three LED indicators for cap lock, num lock, and scroll lock are also provided.

The sound of the keys is without much noise. All together, 107 keys are there, of which 12 are function keys and 3 are hot keys.

There is a 3-year company manufacturing warranty. Its overall HP 100 is best keyboard under 500 with the best build quality, features, performance, and design and is even ideal for casual gaming.


  • Wired Keyboard
  • Including 12 Function
  • Adjustable Height
  • 3 Hotkeys
  • Full range of 109 keys

Types of keyboards

Numerous keyboards are abundantly available in the market (both online and offline). They are membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards, gaming keyboards, wireless keyboards, Virtual Keyboard, flexible keyboards, mini keyboards, etc. But in general, people mainly discuss membrane and mechanical keyboards, and as such, we will discuss about Membrane and mechanical keyboards because all other keyboards, except the virtual keyboard, are either of membrane or mechanical type.

Keyboards are such periphirals which are not only essential but also sure-to-possess for every computer user. However, not everyone can afford to buy expensive ones.Choosing an affordable and best keyboard under 500 rupees in India is very confusing. It is rather an uphill task because of the fact that there are multiple options as to which keyboard to buy in the budget range of 500 rupees in India.

Having said this, there is nothing much to worry about for anyone who is planning to buy one such keyboard, as we have made it easier to choose the right and best keyboard under 500. As you sail through our detailed review and buying guide, you will get the perfect choices without disappointment.

Considering the level of typing comfort, durability, performance, and features, we listed out the top easy-to-afford keyboards under the 500 range.

Factors that One Should Understand Before Buying a Keyboard

BUILT QUALITY: Built quality is one of the top priorities for choosing a keyboard. It includes the type of plastic with which the keyboard is manufactured and the strength to withstand the slight drop and bends. Keystroke life is another important factor to consider.

KEY TYPE – To understand the types of keys, one needs to understand the difference between membrane and mechanical keyboards.

  • Membrane Keyboard – As the name suggests, in a membrane keyboard, a three-layer thin sheet of plastic-based membrane lies beneath the keys, which is pressure-sensitive. Registration of keystrokes takes place when one applies pressure to a particular key by pressing. Keys have to be pressed softly to register the keystroke. They are good for continuous and fast typing. But, at times, These keyboards are cheaper too, compared to the mechanical ones.
  • Mechanical Keyboard: In mechanical keyboards, each key has an individual switch that, when pressed, registers a keystroke. Generally, users have to press the keys down far enough to get it engaged with the switch and, ultimately, with the circuit board. Keys rarely fail to register. These keyboards are better for gaming rather than typing, as there are larger gaps between the keys. More often, backlit (BRG) facilities are provided for flawless gaming even in a dimly lit environment. Mechanical keyboards are generally more expensive and heavier compared to membrane keyboards.

CONNECTIVITY: Wired keyboards are way ahead of wireless keyboards in terms of better connectivity. Wired keyboards are much simpler than wireless keyboards, as the latter involve complicated connections through wireless dongles. Wired keyboards are simply plug-and-play, and they are generally far less expensive compared to wireless keyboards.

PORTABILITY: Anyone who is very particular about portability must go for wireless keyboards, provided they can afford for such expensive stuffs. However, for everyday use, wired keyboards in the range of 500 are the best options.

Depending on their needs, different people require different keyboards. However, mechanical keyboards are not included in today’s list of the best keyboards under 500. They will all be membrane and ideal for the office and study.

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