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If you have bought a gaming laptop or a PC in the recent time and beginning to look for the best gaming keyboards under 3000, then I can tell you that you have chosen the right place. We are here to help you find your right keyboard from amongst our tested top 5 best gaming keyboards.

Without a gaming keyboard, it is not possible to play a decent game. It is one of those peripherals that cannot be missed.

Factors that should consider while selecting the gaming keyboard

There are several factors that one should consider while selecting the right gaming keyboard, like price range, built quality, design, material quality, USB cable quality, number of keys, key smoothness, keystroke sound, RGB, latency, availability of features like media keys, macros, window lock, anti-ghosting, spill-resistant, software, wrist rest, retractable stand, warranty etc. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

The basic thing that must be understood before buying a gaming keyboard is that mechanical keyboards are the right keyboards for gaming. However, there are some reasonably good membrane keyboards which can be considered.

Again, selecting a right one from among several gaming keyboards in the market is an uphill task. Numerous factors like Blue Switches, Red Switches, Grey Switches, Black Switches, tactile feedback, clickiness, RGB Modes, and many more factors apart from the price factors are also to be considered.

Keeping in mind all these hard tasks that the buyers will be facing while making the right choice, we are here to let you pick your choices in the easiest manner. We conducted extensive research in order to make the best possible recommendation to you. [/expand]

Handpick Top 5 best Gaming keyboards

If you are in hurry and don’t to read hold blog then you can try our 5 best handpick gaming keyboards.

S.noKeyboadsTypeSpecial featuresApprox. price
5EvoFox KatanMechanical, Full-sizeWrist rest2500 rs
4Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Mechanical, TKLCustomized blue keys2400 rs
3MEETION MT-MK50Mechanical, Full-sizeWrist rest2500 rs
2Redragon Shiva K512MembraneWrist rest2000 rs
1Redgear Shadow BladeMechanical, Full-sizeWrist rest, knod2500 rs

Below are the Top 5 best gaming keyboards under 3000. We also update this content Every month.

5. EvoFox Katana

EvoFox Katana with detachable wrist rest, black colour body and orange background.
EvoFox Katana with detachable wrist res

key Features

  • Full-size gaming keyboard with 104 mechanical keys
  • 5 brightness levels, 9 unique LED effects, and 5 speed modes
  • 100 percent ghost-proof keys
  • Multimedia Control Knob and Wrist Support

Starting with the EvoFox katana mechanical gaming keyboard which is fully programmable and one of the best gaming keyboard under 3000. It comes with Outemu blue clicky keys, which give a tactile-feel to the gamers.

In terms of its durability, the company’s claim of withstanding 50 million keystrokes is worth mentioning. The keyboard body is made with durable ABS plastic, and it is very sturdy and robust with a little less than 1 kg of body weight.

 Every individual switch is attached to the Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) for the optimal reliability. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

The detachable wrist rest provides gamers and typists with a feeling of a painless keyboarding experience. This wrist rest can be attached and detached with the screws and screwdriver provided along with the keyboard. The only gaming keyboard under 3000 that’s comes with wrist rest out of the box.

It also comes with Windows key locking feature allows fast and heavy gamers to continue their games with their target-oriented games without any disturbance and distraction. Pressing the function (Fn) key simultaneously with the window button locks the window function. It is also indicated by the LED light.

The USB cable is a 1.8 metre long braided cable, which is highly durable. This extra long cable is an EMI (electromagnetic interference) suppressor and cable organizer also provided. Therefore, there will not be any interference of electromagnetic wave interference from other nearby electronic gadgets.

The keys are laser engraved for fade-free operation. The light illuminates through the printed characters and symbols for the optimal lighting effects. It has a total of 12 media keys.


The EvoFox katana keyboard is provided with Windows software that allows the user to programme any key for action. The on-board memory feature, which can be programmed using the Windows operating system, can be saved, allowing the user to continue the game with the previously saved settings.The on-board saved programmes can be run even with Mac OS. You can also create complex macros by using the macro manager.

Availability of all keys: The anti-ghosting function of this keyboard enables users to carry on with their gaming activities without any hindrance.

Customizable software enhances the customization of this keyboard to a considerable extent. This software is downloadable through the website

This keyboard is specially designed for the Windows OS, but it is compatible with other Windows, Mac, and Android devices (by using OTG).

In the lighting section, this keyboard is much superior compared to other mechanical keyboards of this price range. It is because of the availability of 22 LED presets along with 9 distinct LED effects, apart from 5 speed modes and 5 brightness levels.

This keyboard comes with a 1-year hassle free manufacturing warranty.


Based on all these features and functionalities, apart from its special features, this EvoFox katana keyboard may be chosen as the right option by all those who prefer an affordable and good quality gaming keyboard.

Anyone who is looking for the best gaming keyboard we highly recommended this product. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard, RGB,  Fully Programmable 
  • Box contents:  keyboard, a user manual, and a warranty
  • Length of cable: ~1.6 meters
  • Compatible devices: windows, mac, and Linux
  • Total number of keys: 87
  • ~50 million clicks on keystroke life
  • Type of keyboard: Blue Switches

Reasons to Buy (PROS)

  • Fully customized or Programable keyboard
  • Software assistance
  • Clicky Mechanical blue Keys
  • Removable wrist support
  • Incredibly robust ABS plastic build

Reasons not to Buy (CONS)

  • RGB Backlite is Low

4. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly (Best TKL Gaming keyboard under 3k)

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly in multi colour RGB lighting. top angle image
Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly

key Features

  • Aluminum body construction, slim & sleek
  • Compact TKL keyboard
  • Customizable RGB with Cosmicbyte software

The Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly is a TKL (Ten Key-less) mechanical keyboard. It is also regarded as one of the best gaming keyboard for mid-level gamers. Since this keyboard is TKL (without a numpad/10-key), it is a compact-sized keyboard which occupies much less space on the table.

The USB cable is not detachable and has a length of 1.6 metres. The cable is braided for rigidity. To avoid any external electromagnetic wave disturbance, this cable is EMI (Electromagnetic interference) protected. This is attributed to the free-flaw gaming activities. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

The upper portion of this Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly is made of metal, while the lower area is made of good quality plastic. Therefore, its build quality is highly superior. It weighs 900 g.

The retractable stands are provided for the keyboard’s height adjustment. Preferable heights can be achieved by unfolding and folding these stands.

The curved keycaps with the forward and backward leaning design enable the users to achieve comfortable gaming experiences. Perfectly arranged and contoured keycaps give a feeling of optimum grip.


Registration of precise and correct key presses during a hectic gaming session is a unique feature of this keyboard. This is an extraordinary feature for which this keyboard can be considered as one of the best gaming keyboards under 3000 rupees.

Furthermore, keycaps are double-injected, double-layered, and two-tone. The inner layer is white in colour and transparent. As a result of that, the light that comes through the characters is vividly illuminated. Characters and symbols on the keys are free from fading.

 Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 The Firefly keyboard is provided with customised Outemu Blue Mechanical switches to make sure a superior quality. These keys are fairly tactile and clicky. It is also fitted with optical sensors for high-speed and target-oriented gaming and smooth typing.

With the presence of the inner fins on the switches of the keys, the keys do not wobble when pressed with strong force.

The Windows key locking feature ensures users can carry on with their games without any obstacles. This keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature on all keys, which is a must-have feature for gaming keyboards to avoid incorrect keystroke registration during a long gaming session.

 It has a total number of 87 keys. The availability of 12 multimedia keys enhances the ease of control of this keyboard.

This keyboard is partially spill-resistant due to the presence of holes on the lower side of the keyboard. But the users have to be a little careful since it is not completely spill-resistant.

This keyboard comes with 18 preset configurations. It has full RGB functionality with an eye-catching 11 animations. Before the game begins, one can set up these settings and modes with the simple press of the right keys or otherwise with the help of its software.


The Cosmic Byte Firefly Mechanical Keyboard is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10 and above. It comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Considering all the above mentioned features, this Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly TKL (Ten Keyless) mechanical keyboard is pretty good at this price range and can be considered as one of the best keyboards under 3000 rupees. [/expand]

  • TKL Wired Keyboard, RGB
  • Box contents:  keyboard, a user manual, and a warranty
  • Length of cable: ~1.6 meters
  • Compatible devices: windows, mac, and Linux
  • Total number of keys:  104
  • ~50 million clicks on keystroke life
  • Type of keyboard: OUTEMU Blue Switches

Reasons to Buy (PROS)

  • Outstanding durability
  • Excellent for Both gaming or typing with an elevated key design.
  • 29 anti-ghost keys to improve gaming.

Reasons not to Buy (CONS)

  • No manual provided

3. MEETION MT-MK500 (Best Stylist Keyboard under 3000)

MEETION MT-MK500 with 4 rotatable switches for control media and light
MEETION MT-MK500 with wrist rest

key Features

  • 14 RGB backlight modes
  • OUTEMU Blue Switches.
  • Aluminum Frosted Metal Upper body Cover
  • Full-size gaming keyboard
  • Detachable Palm rest for better comfortable

The MEETION MT-MK500 Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard is another standard sized gaming keyboard with multiple features.

In this price range, it is worth buying this keyboard since it is one of the best gaming keyboards in the market.

The top layer of the keyboard is made with frosted metal. This keyboard is interfaced through a type C cable. This USB cable is 1.8 metres long. It has 104/105 keys. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

Keys are provided with double-coloured injection caps, which makes them pretty comfortable and attractive to look at. A detachable wrist rest is provided for a better gaming and typing experience.

Complete anti-ghosting keys in this keyboard are another special feature that allows gamers to handle high-speed games comfortably. Two-staged retractable stands, which are rarely found in other keyboards, allow the users to select the desired heights on this keyboard.


The presence of four special rotatable switches enables and makes easier the control of several media and light functions. These switches are present on the right top corner of the keyboard. The rightmost key is bigger compared to the remaining three. This rightmost key, which is a saffron colour, controls the volume and mute. When rotated towards the left, the volume decreases, while on the right side, the volume increases. The second switch, which is blue in colour, is for the play/pause and previous/next. The third one, which is green in colour, is for light on/off and brightness control. The last one, which is light-red in colour, is for the selection of light modes and speed.

This keyboard is provided with 14 modes of backlight. All these modes can be controlled with different buttons on this gaming keyboard.

The MEETION MT-MK500 keyboard comes with OUTEMU Blue switches. These Outemu switches are clicky and produce loud sounds when the keys are pressed. It needs heavier operation force at 60 cN (i.e. centinewtons; also known as grams-force “gf”). These clicky, louder sounds and heavier operation forces make the users more aware of whether a key is pressed or not. It also helps avoid unwanted keystrokes.

Its width is 450 mm, height is 210 mm and depth is 37 mm. It comes with manufacturing warranty of 1 year.


After seeing all these features and functionality of this MEETION MT-MK500 Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard, anyone cannot resist to buy it. What a buyer gets is much more than what one can expect at this price segment. It is undoubtedly one of the best OUTEMU Blue switches gaming keyboards under 3000. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard, RGB
  • Box contents:  keyboard, a user manual, and a warranty
  • Length of cable: ~1.6 meters
  • Compatible devices: windows, mac, and Linux
  • Total number of keys:  104
  • ~60 million clicks on keystroke life
  • Type of keyboard: OUTEMU Blue Switches

Reasons to Buy (PROS)

  • All keys are anti-ghosting
  • Excellent 100 million click keystroke life
  • Detachable Palmrest for comfortablity
  • Double Color Injection Keycaps

Reasons not to Buy (CONS)

  • Detachable Palm rest is filmsy

2. Redragon Shiva K512 (Value for money)

Redragon Shiva K512 with wrist rest, dark grey colour body in backlite RGB light, orange colour background
Redragon Shiva K512 with wrist rest

key Features

  • 26 anti-ghost keys to improve gaming.
  • Dedicated Media Control
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • On-Board Macro Keys to save customize settings
  • 7 pre-set RGB lighting modes but can be customize unlimited, 6 slots to save your customized RGB.

The “Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming Keyboard” is a solidly built, full sized membrane gaming keyboard. At a price range of 3000 rupees.

There is a feeling of premium quality and durability as this keyboard has an ergonomically designed body. It is available both in the local markets as well as through online.

It is provided with a 1.6 metre long braided cable. The USB is gold-plated to make it wear-proof. It is certainly a very sturdy keyboard with its robust body. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. Retractable stands are there beneath the keyboard for height adjustment. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

Users don’t have to worry about a few drops of liquid being splashed since this keyboard is provided with spill-free technology.

 A spiky-surfaced wrist rest is provided for minimising wrist exhaustion during hectic gaming and typing. The wrist rest is attachable and detachable with the help of a magnetic joint. The Redragon logo is clearly engraved in the centre of this wrist rest.

The keys are elevated with an arc design for greater key feedback, making keyboarding easier for gamers.It is truly an ergonomically designed keyboard. The manufacturer claims this keyboard as having withstood 100 million keystrokes.

 A total of 104 keys are provided. With the presence of an anti-ghosting feature, 26 keys can be pressed simultaneously for the flawless high speed gaming. It is also loaded with 6 extra on-board macro keys to enhance its performance. These keys are programmable without any software. They are located on the leftmost portion of the keyboard and are labelled G1-G6 in the keys.


These are some of the features that make this Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming Keyboard make unique one gaming keyboards under 3000 rupee range.

Furthermore, its integrated multimedia control panel enables this keyboard to control play/pause and skip multimedia. A record button and volume control panel are also provided for the better handling of this keyboard.

Although it is a membrane key, there is a total sense and feeling of using a mechanical keyboard. It is much quieter compared to mechanical keyboards. Along with this keyboard, software is provided for the easy set up of several macro functions and backlight effects. Apart from the additional 6 slots for customizable modes, this Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming Keyboard is provided with 7 pre-set lighting options and can be easily customised as per the choices of the gamers.

Lighting patterns can be controlled with the pressing of the following keys simultaneously:

One pattern colour wave can be produced by pressing the Function (Fn) key with the Insert key simultaneously. In a similar manner, if the Function (Fn) key and the Home key are simultaneously pressed, a steady colour is produced.

 Customizable colour modes can be achieved by pressing the Function (Fn) and Page Up (PgUp) keys at the same time. Pressing the Function (Fn) key together with the Delete key displays two patterns: spectrum and neon. Two patterns of either breathing in one colour or 7 colours are produced by pressing the Function (Fn) key and End key together.

Each key strike registers one particular pattern of light when pressed with a Function (Fn) key and a Page Down (PgDn) key. Pressing the Function (Fn) and Up/Down keys simultaneously increases and decreases light intensity.Pressing the Function (Fn) key with Left/Right key together produces a faster or slower flickering of light.


The Redragon Shiva K512 Gaming Keyboard comes with a manufacturing warranty of 1 year.

Considering all the above mentioned features, anyone can go for this keyboard as it will be suitable for any gamer. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard, RGB, Programmable
  • Box contents:  keyboard, a user manual, and a warranty
  • Length of cable:  1.6 meters
  • Compatible devices: windows, mac, and Linux
  • Total number of keys:  104
  • 100 million clicks on keystroke life
  • Type of keyboard: Membrane

Reasons to Buy (PROS)

  • Hotkeys for integrated multimedia for improved controls of multimedia.
  • Excellent 100 million click keystroke life.
  • Body with ergonomic design for good durability and luxurious feel.
  • The elevated key’s keys form provides excellent key feedback whether typing or playing video games.
  • A spillproof keyboard that can withstand unexpected water spills.

Reasons not to Buy (CONS)

  • Flimsy wrist rest

Unique features: elevated keys, professional software, integrated multimedia keys, specific media controls, Detachable Wrist-Rest , and a breathing RGB led

1. Redgear Shadow Blade (Overall Best gaming keyboard under 3000)

Redgear Shadow Blade with Media Control Knob and Wrist Support, grey colour body, top angle viewing angle.
Redgear Shadow Blade with Media Control Knob and Wrist Support

key Features

  • Full-Size Mechanical Blue Switch gaming keyboard
  • 22 Spectrum RGB settings
  • Dedicated Media Control knob
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Spill-proof keyboard that can withstand unexpected water spills.

The Redgear Shadow Blade is a mechanical keyboard with drive customization. A detachable wrist-rest is provided for the better palm elevation.

 It is one of the best gaming keyboards under 3000. Shadow Blade gives tactile feedback with the presence of the mechanical blue clicky switches. It also increases the typing and gaming speed by avoiding the necessary energy to strike hard on the keys. [expand title=”Read More ▼ “]

RGB lighting is segmented into zones rather than on individual keys. It means the flickering of many differently coloured lights takes place alternatively in different areas (zones) of the keyboard. This makes the appearance of the keyboard very attractive.

There are 22 spectrum LED modes for both bright and low-light environments. LED lights can be adjusted as per the requirements of the users. This entire 22 spectrum LED mode can be controlled easily by keeping the function key (Fn) pressed and the print screen (PrtSc) key kept pressed and released simultaneously until the desired mode is achieved.

Brightness and flickering speed can also be controlled by pressing the function key (Fn) and directional keys. When the function key (Fn) is pressed either with the left (←) or right (→) arrow keys, speed of the flickering lights decreases or increases. In the same manner, if the function key (Fn) is pressed either with the upper (↑) or lower (↓) arrow keys, the brightness of the lights increases or decreases.

Three LED indicators are also provided for cap lock, num lock, and scroll lock. 


With the provision of the window key lock, one can continue to play the games without any interference.

Floating key-caps are provided, which are very convenient for cleaning. They are fitted perfectly on the switches to produce a clicky sound.

Because of the layout of each individual key and the distances between them, it gives precise results each time one clicks a key.

Anti-ghosting keys facilitate this Redgear Shadow Blade keyboard to function perfectly for speedy and target-oriented games, which is a must for gamers.

The Shadow blade comes with a media control knob for controlling the volume and play/pause.

It has got 104 keys. Its cable is braided, long enough and very sturdy. The USB is gold plated for better longevity.

It has a very strong and robust build quality. materials are of superior quality. The upper top portion of the keyboard is made of metal, and the lower portion is made of good quality plastic. It is heavy enough with 1.3 kg of body weight. A retractable stand for height adjustment is provided.

The Shadow Blade is provided with software for easier setup of the keyboard. With this software, RGB, macros, etc. can be set conveniently.


It comes with a 1-year company warranty. It is 42 mm in height and 22 cm in width.

In terms of its performance, the Redgear is a very satisfying peripheral without any latency.

Except for a few minor issues like low LED light intensity and a slightly slippery wrist rest, overall, it is one of the best keyboards under 3000 rupees segment. [/expand]

  • Wired Keyboard, RGB, Programmable
  • Box contents:  keyboard, a user manual, and a warranty
  • Length of cable:  1.6 meters
  • Compatible devices: windows, mac, and Linux
  • Total number of keys:  104
  • 50 million clicks on keystroke life
  • Type of keyboard: Mechanical Blue Switch
  • Weight:  1.3 kg

Reasons to Buy (PROS)

  • Solid ABS construction for exceptional toughness and a quality feel.
  • Hotkeys for integrated multimedia for improved controls of multimedia.
  • There are 22 RGB colour modes with brightness controls.
  • Excellent 50 million click keystroke life.

Reasons not to Buy (CONS)

  • Noisy while typing too, the clicky sound is little higher then rest of the keyboards, Good for gamer but while typing its noisy a lot. Whiteout a good headphone the clicky sound may distract you from gaming.

Unique features: Media Control Knob and Wrist Support

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Our list ends here. However, we will keep updating. The flawless details on how to choose the top gaming keyboard under 3000 have been given in the easiest manner we could.

However, due to the various features and functionalities of gaming keyboards, you may still have difficulty deciding which one to purchase. Under such conditions, please feel free to write a comment.


Q. Best value for money gaming keyboard under 3000 rs?

Ans. Redragon Shiva K512

Q. Overall Best gaming keyboard under 3000 rs?

Ans. Redgear Shadow Blade

Q. Best small size (TKL) gaming keyboard under 3k ?

Ans. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly 

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