Top 6 Best Gaming Keyboard under 1500 (August 2023)

Best gaming keyboard under 1500


We know how difficult and complex it can be to select the best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees that suit your needs, but don’t worry—we have got you covered with the top six best gaming keyboards under 1500. Even though we found several keyboards in the physical and online shopping markets under 1500 rupees, we chose only the best six gaming keyboards. In addition, we’ll continue to report on how this gaming keyboard performs in both gaming and regular use. Therefore, without further ado, here is our list of the top six best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees.

Things you should keep in mind when you are buying the gaming keyboard:

It would be best to have more PC gaming accessories to enhance your gaming experience. One such tool that could aid in your improvement as a gamer is a gaming keyboard.

Here are the Top 5 factors to consider while purchasing a gaming keyboard in this article.

1. Membrane, hybrid or mechanical device:

Because of their low profile and silent key press, membrane keyboards are popular in offices and educational institutions. They are made with a pressure-sensitive pad. However, these keyboards are intended for only a short time; thus, you should only use them if your game involves frequent key presses. On the other hand, hybrid or semi-mechanical keyboards contain a hybrid mechanism button. These days, the majority of consumers use these keyboards. They operate halfway between the membrane and mechanical keyboards and are more expensive than membrane keyboards but less expensive than mechanical keyboards. The best type of gaming overall, especially for gaming, is mechanical. The keyboard incorporates a spring and lever mechanism and a non-spongy membrane. The key presses are incredibly delicate and exact.

2. Cost

When making any purchase, a budget is a crucial factor. If you want a reasonably good gaming keyboard, put some money down in advance. The durability of a cheap keyboard from a non-branded manufacturer is possible, but it is not guaranteed.

3. The colors Red vs Blue

Someone might bring up the red and blue keyboard. Other than being beautiful, these colours have functions. Red and blue mechanical keyboard keys have been the industry standard for years. They were created by a firm called Cherry. Different colour keys feel differently and produce a variety of click sounds.   The feel and sound of these two switches are where the most significant variances lie. Blue switches, on the other hand, resemble the old vintage keyboard used in IGI games and have a bump and are a touch noisy. It depends on what you desire. I prefer both switches, myself.

4. Design

After discussing the mechanics, it’s time to discuss the keyboard layout. It’s also essential to consider how many keys your keyboard has and what functions each key may accomplish. Most keyboards have between 88 and 101 keys. While some keyboards have the number, some do not. Depending on your requirements, you can buy keyboards.

5. Appearance and RGB

RGB lighting looks incredible, but many RGB blinking light keyboards distract from competitive gaming. So, let’s start a list of the best gaming keyboards under 1500. And above are some considerations to consider when shopping for a gaming keyboard. Have fun, gamers!

Which is the best gaming keyboard under 1500 rupees?

NameType of switchesRGBRating
6. Quantum Rapid Strike Mechanical Wired Gaming KeyboardMembraneModes4.3 out of 5
5. HP K500FMembraneModes4.5 out of 5
4. Redragon Karura K502MechanicalFull customizable4.3 out of 5
3. Quantum QHM9800 Rapid StrikeMechanicalModes4 out of 5
2. HP GK100 (2nd best gaming keyboard)MechanicalModes4.2 out of 5
1. Redgear Shadow Amulet Mechanical (Blue switchModes4 out of 5

6.Quantum Rapid Strike Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard

Quantum Rapid Strike Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard

The final of the top six and best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees is the sixth-ranked “Quantum Rapid Strike Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard.” This keyboard stands out because it lacks border frames, giving the impression that it is more contemporary. It is available in a grey and black colour scheme. Physical inspection reveals that the entire body is composed of very high-quality plastic; however, the firm insists that the body is made of aluminium, which is puzzling. No keycaps puller is included with this gaming keyboard because the keycaps can be quickly and hassle-free replaced as needed with new ones. This gaming keyboard uses blue switches, but it’s unclear if they’re Cherry MX or OUTEMU because it’s never mentioned anywhere. However, they resemble OUTEMU switches quite a bit.

Although the tiny wobble of the keycaps is within acceptable bounds, pushing the keys still feels soft. The presence of blue switches results in a loud and gratifying key striking/pressing sound.

Back legs that can be adjusted are offered for improved height adjustability. Multimedia shortcut buttons are available for optimum keyboard control when playing or typing quickly. RGB has a slightly lower light output for reasons best known to the manufacturer alone. Six RGB lights are mixed, and 12 different illumination settings are available. Because the keycaps are floating, the RGB lights are illuminated from the sides of the keyboard, which looks stunning. A strong and rigid 1.5 mt long PVC cable with a gold-plated USB connecter is attached, providing adequate length for a convenient setup. With this keyboard, lag-free gaming sessions can be carried out for a considerable time. Due to the absence of a border frame, its overall weight of 663 gm makes it lighter than other full-layout keyboards. This keyboard is spill-resistant, so there is no need to worry if some liquid accidentally splashes. This gaming keyboard has a rupee sign, a must for many users.

Apart from its low price, this gaming keyboard is not the least among the top six best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees because of several appealing characteristics. It would be best if you were strongly tempted to move on to the next-ranked gaming keyboard by this point. You may continue until you have made your final decision if necessary.

  • Wired Keyboard
  • 19 Anti-ghosting Keys
  • 4 Adjustment Brightness
  • 9 Backlight Effects
  • 10 million keystroke life
  • 9 Backlight Effects
  • 1.6 m of cable length


  • Mechanical feels
  • 7 different LED colours and 9 modes with brightness control
  • Full size. comfortable of small to large hand


  • No dedicated media playback buttons.
  • Keys will wobble with the time

Since gaming products are in high demand, including gaming keyboards, they tend to be out of stock all the time. If Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02 Corona is out of stock, the below gaming keyboard is the best alternative to Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02.

5. Meetion MT-MK600MX Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The image is EvoFox Warhammer gaming keyboard from top angle view, this is also best alternative to Cosmic Byte CB-GK-02..

Around eight to a year ago, when the price was at least 2800 rupees, it was unthinkable to anticipate finding this gaming keyboard for such a low price. According to our research, this is one of the best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees. In our ranking of the best gaming keyboards under this price range, it comes in at number 5th.

This wired mechanical gaming keyboard is well made. In addition to being stylish and ergonomic, it is incredibly sturdy and robust because it is made of high-quality plastic components. There are elevation stands available for adjusting the height. Except for the glossy boundary sections, the entire keyboard has a matte finish. Like the other gaming keyboards on our list, it can endure compression by being squeezed and twisted. The USB cable is sturdy enough to survive a sudden pull or jolt despite not being braided. Its length of 1.8 metre is sufficient for a cozy setup, even with a desktop computer. USB has a gold plating for longer life.

 The all-key anti-ghosting feature is one of the most impressive features in this gaming keyboard that is not included in most gaming keyboards in this price range. Keycaps with a double injection prevent fading and wear and tear. A gaming keyboard with a complete layout, it has 104 keys. The inclusion of twelve multimedia shortcut keys improves gaming speed and accuracy. The Windows lock option is also provided to prevent unintentional interruptions from other programme pop-ups when gaming.

In addition to the OUTEMU Blue switches, the Red switches also provide players with a choice in how to proceed with the game. Additionally, a keycap puller is offered for changing the keycaps according to the players’ preferences.

It is zonal RGB lighting instead of individual key RGB lighting. There are six brightness level settings for lower and brighter lights that best fit a particular player, in addition to the 22 backlight modes, which are a wide range of alternatives. Users can also alter the blinking RGB lights’ speeds and directions to suit their tastes. With this gaming keyboard, gamers may play without experiencing any lag.

In light of all the characteristics mentioned above, in addition to its affordable cost, this is among the best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees.

 It would be a little too early to put you in a position where you would have to choose just one of the two gaming keyboards we have already discussed. Therefore, it would be appropriate to advise you to scroll down further so that you have a larger selection. You must disclose what comes next in order to do that.

  • Wired Keyboard
  • 19 Anti-ghosting Keys
  • 10 million keystroke life
  • Backlight Effects
  • 1.5 m of cable length

4. Archer Tech Lab Astra G100 Semi Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Archer Tech Lab Astra G100 Semi Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is number four in the ranking. The brand that makes it is an American company. One of the best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees is this one. Its 816 gm weight is regarded as being quite substantial and weighty. Excellent plastic is used to make the upper and back sides. Even when crushed or twisted, it cannot be bent. The rubber grip on the back side prevents it from sliding.

The keys have RGB lighting and eye-catching border lights, so the lighting is simply fantastic. Although it is a membrane keyboard, the long key travel gives the impression that it is mechanical. A rupee symbol is available, which is essential for most people. This keyboard has almost all the functions one may anticipate in a gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard features Anti Scratch Keycaps and 104 keys. The availability of 25 anti-ghosting keys and full N-key rollover reduces the likelihood of making mistakes during intense gaming sessions. The users can select the type of lighting according to their tastes, thanks to the 4 RGB Modes and 15 RGB lighting that are also fully configurable. Another element of this gaming keyboard that improves lighting is the per-key RGB lighting effect. RGB lighting is visible even during the day because it is so bright.

For enhanced performance, there are Windows lock and Multimedia hot buttons.

Since this keyboard communicates with the primary device at a rate of 1000 Hz, there won’t be any lag.

The braided, 1.5-meter USB cable is long enough for easy connectivity. Foldable Kickstands are provided, allowing the height to be altered to suit personal preferences. Since this keyboard is water resistant, a few droplets of liquid spilling over it is not a cause for concern. A 12-month warranty is also included.

It is one of the best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees, considering its affordability, firmness, lighting, and many other features.

After halfway through, you may have found a tone of ideas for selecting the best gaming keyboard. If you feel that the ones you have already read about are the better ones, it would be prejudice, so you need to scroll down for the broader scenario. Moreover, you may come back and choose the one you like most.


  • Wired Keyboard
  • 26 Ghost keys
  • Metal panel
  • Solid build quality
  • Rainbow backlit
  • Multimedia keys


  • Top metal panel is aluminum
  • Build quality is better as compared to other 1k keyboard
  • Good number LED backlite modes


  • Not good for typing work
  • Soft keys

3. HP K500F Backlit Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard

The HP K500F Backlit Membrane Wired Gaming Keyboard is among the most excellent gaming keyboards available for less than 1500 rupees. It takes the third position in the list of the best six gaming keyboards. It might be the one if you’re searching for a gaming keyboard in this price range.

Due to the metal used for the panel and back body, the construction quality is adequate. Its stiff body prevents diagonal twisting or compression. It weighs around 703 g. It is a full-size keyboard is used. Despite not being braided, the USB cable’s length of about five and a half feet makes it robust.

 The keycaps on this keyboard do not wobble, which is a bonus compared to many other gaming keyboards. Due to their curvature, the keycaps are slightly smaller than average, which some gamers with enormous fingertips may find uncomfortable. The keyboard uses double injection keycaps, which prevents the letters from fading quickly. If the room is too dark, the letters and figures printed on the keyboard may not be visible enough, so only the RGB lights may make the letters visible. 

There are five lighting zones and three RGB effects. With level-controllable keys, the light intensity is high enough, which is a helpful feature. Additionally illuminated, the HP logo has an upscale, appealing appearance.

The 26 anti-ghosting keys work simultaneously, giving players the most accurate key presses. The top upper rows include the multimedia shortcut keys.

The Windows lock key is available to stop accidental activation of the Windows start function even during intense gaming.

A brave move from HP is the three-year guarantee included with this keyboard.

Having discovered four among the six selected top and best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees, it would be illogical if you do not go down further for a broader range of options. So, now, let’s dive down to the remaining two gaming keyboards.


  • Detachable Wrist Rest for more comfortable
  • Comes Dedicated Media Control keys on right top
  • Full RGB customization


  • Keys are tiny
  • Detachable Wrist build quality could be better
  • Spacebar sometimes don’t register from side
  • Wired Keyboard
  • 104 quiet keys
  • 7 different RGB colours
  • 4 backlight brightness levels
  • Ergonomic Waterproof Design
  • 12 multimedia keys

2. Zebronics Transformer-k USB Gaming Keyboard

Quantum QHM9800 Rapid Strike from top side viewing angle, a bulky gaming keyboard with good build quality

The Zebronics Transformer-k USB Gaming keyboard is the next gaming keyboard to rank in the top two. It is among the most outstanding gaming keyboards available for under 1500 rupees (price may vary occasionally, but it will always be around that amount).

A full-size, high-end gaming keyboard with fantastic design and functionality is the Zebronics Transformer-K. This keyboard offers a thorough layout that meets the various needs of gamers with 104 keys, apart from 12 integrated keys.  Build quality exceptionally good because it is made of alluminium. This keyboard is an energy-efficient option due to its low 5V (DC) power consumption and even less than 50 milliampere. Additionally, the key presses feel pleasing, making it possible to play comfortably, even for extended periods.

The Zebronics Transformer-K is good in terms of appearance. Its multi-color LED backlit keyboard and many illumination modes enhance the gaming experience. The three brightness settings offer the freedom to modify the ambient light to the user’s preferences. Because of this, the aesthetic attractiveness of this keyboard is unaffected by the time of day or night.

The 1.8m sleeved cable is solid and lengthy, allowing it to handle the strain of prolonged gaming sessions. The gold-plated USB connector attests to the product’s quality, which ensures reliable and quick data transmission. Additionally, the keyboard has a retractable stand that may be easily adjusted for maximum comfort. This gaming keyboard can withstand 80 million keystrokes, according to Zebronics. Another benefit is a one-year warranty on the product. 

Finally, the Zebronics Transformer-K is a well-rounded gaming keyboard that combines durability, performance, and aesthetics. Durability was another consideration when designing the Zebronics Transformer K.

Any reader, by now, must have become so irresistible and impatient to discover one more in the list. It could be probably the one which would be preferred by everyone.


  •  Dedicated Rupee (₹) Key
  • Mechanical keys
  • Comfortable for gaming


  • Large keys likes spacebar and enter key don’t have stabilizers
  • No RGB customization except 12 modes
  • Wired Keyboard
  • True mechanical Keyboard
  • Blue keys
  • 12 different RGB modes
  • Spill-Proof

1. HP GK320 Full-Size RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

 HP GK100 from top view angle. lots of RGB customization, mechanical keys  keyboard

Our research shows HP’S GK 320 is in the top spot. It is an affordable mechanical gaming keyboard. While keeping the cost of the HP GK320 mechanical keyboard at roughly 1500 INR at the time of this blog’s publication, HP performed an excellent job. At first glance, this gaming keyboard will take you aback for its upscale appearance and matte surface. This HP keyboard is ergonomic and small. However, it lacks any dedicated media keys. Blue switches provide lovely and gratifying sounds when you press the keys.

Due to the double injection manufacturing process, the keycaps are durable and do not fade quickly. Each keycap is covered with a material layer, a highly wear-resistant UR layer, and a frosted layer for a longer lifespan. This gaming keyboard incorporates a keycap remover for quicker and more convenient keycap replacements. Six colors make up RGB illumination, sufficient to uplift your mood throughout extended gaming sessions. These are stunning and lovely. Thus, it encourages your combative mindset to battle. Rubber back cushions boost the keyboard to a more comfortable height while giving you a tighter grip. This game keyboard weighs about 750 grams in total. 

The HP GK320 easily exceeds other inexpensive membrane keyboards in terms of performance. There are 104 keys for playing games with high-intensity levels, including anti-ghosting keys for intense competition. This keyboard’s keys, according to HP, will withstand 50 million keystrokes, which is remarkable given the cost. Although the USB cable is around six feet long and of decent quality, it is not braided. The USB plug has gold plating. This keyboard also comes with a three-year warranty. 

Finally, you can turn off the Windows key on the keyboard to avoid inadvertently lowering the game’s performance by tapping the Windows key.

After carefully reading and evaluating each gaming keyboard we mentioned and ranked, it’s time for the users to choose the keyboard that best suits their needs in terms of price, features, build quality, and other aspects.One cannot totally rely on just one aspect of the features; instead, one must consider all of their preferences.

Although we always provide unbiased assessments, the purchasers must make the final decisions. One thing is for certain, though: regardless of where they rank among the six chosen keyboards, they represent the best gaming keyboards under 1500 rupees available today.


  • True Mechanical Switches
  • Great for gaming
  • Comfortable keys placement
  • Good build


if you use more then 7hrs continue some keys don’t retain back to its original height for few minutes

  • Wired Keyboard
  • True mechanical Keyboard
  • Blue keys
  • 12 different RGB modes
  • Spill-Proof


Q. Which is the best gaming keyboard under 1500?

Ans: Redgear Shadow Amulet

Q. Which is the best keyboard under 1500 for typing + gaming?

Ans: Redragon Shiva K512 RGB

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