Pixart 3389 mouse sensor

Pixart 3389 mouse sensor


This Pixart 3389 mouse sensor is a dedicated gaming mouse sensor. Pixart sensors 3389 and its derivatives are widely regarded as the present peak of the sensor market, with many amazing features. Its specifications, like the DPI resolution, can be increased to 16,000 with 12000 FPS

Things you should know about Gaming mouse sensor

Polling rate or Tracking speed: The polling rate is when a sensor provides data to the computer. It’s expressed in Hertz (Hz). Therefore, 500 Hz implies the mouse reports 500 times per second. Higher is best.

Acceleration: the amount of rapid acceleration that the mouse can handle in g’s. Higher is preferable. Pixart 3389 mouse sensor got 50g which is more than enough for any competitive gaming.

Resolution: a measurement of how sensitive a sensor is to movement, expressed in dots per inch (DPI). It specifies the number of reports generated by the sensor per inch of movement. Higher is best but up to some certain point. For example, Pixart PMW-3389 got 16000DPI, but nobody will use 16000. On average, 800 to 200DPI.

Frame Rate (FPS): A high frame rate is critical for understanding the game you’re playing. You will have less time to respond to changes in the game if the frames per second are low. Because frames take longer to display, the game will take longer to notify you that something is happening, such as shooting. Higher is better.

Lift-off distance: (LOD) is the distance from the surface at which the sensor continues to work. Depending on the user, programmability is preferred.

Pixart 3389 mouse sensor

Tracking Speed (IPS)400IPS / Polling rate 1000Hrz
Acceleration (g)50
Resolution (DPI)16,000
Frame Rate (FPS)12,000
Lift off distance (LOD) (mm)<2mm, 2/3mm “Programmable”

Gaming mouse with Pixart 3389 mouse sensor

The gaming mouse with Pixart 3389 mouse sensor is for competitive gameplay.

1. HyperX Pulsefire Surge 

2. Cosmic Byte Kilonova PRO

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